Mobile Elevated Work Platform, Articulated Lift, Aerial Work Platform, Cherry Picker or Boom Lift

Articulated booms consist of a number of jointed sections, which can be controlled to extend the lift in a number of different directions, which can often include 'up and over' applications.These articulated joints differentiate this type of MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) from the telescopic boom.

This type of MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) is the most likely of the types to be known as a 'cherry picker', owing to its origins, where it was designed for use in orchards (though not just cherry orchards). It lets the picker standing in the transport basket pick fruit high in a tree with relative ease (with the jointed design ensuring minimum damage to the tree). The term 'cherry picker' has become generic, and is commonly used to describe articulated lifts (and more rarely all MEWPs).

We hire self-propelled, electric & bi-fuel powered, articulated booms up to 22m working height. We can supply many more machines than are listed here. If you can not see what you want, call us. We will be happy to find the most appropriate machine for your needs.

  • Working height: 12.20m
  • Horizontal reach: 6.10m
Download this file (nifty_HR12.pdf)NiftyLift HR12 spec sheet06/10/2016
  • Working height: 12.6m
  • Horizontal reach: 6.8m
Download this file (genie_Z34.pdf)Genie Z34/22 spec sheet14/09/2016
  • Working height: 16.07m
  • Working reach: 7.65m
Download this file (genie_Z45.pdf)Genie Z45/25 spec sheet14/09/2016
  • Working height: 17.60m
  • Horizontal reach: 9.2m
Download this file (genie_Z51.pdf)Genie Z51/30 spec sheet14/09/2016
  • Working height: 20.39m
  • Horizontal reach: 11.05m
Download this file (genie_Z60.pdf)Genie Z60 spec sheet14/09/2016
  • Working height: 21.20m
  • Horizontal reach: 13.20m
Download this file (nifty_HR21.pdf)NiftyLift HR21 spec sheet06/10/2016