The LTM1130 has a long and variable boom system with outstanding load capacities. With its ground-breaking technology, it is flexible and economical to operate. Because of its compact dimensions, the LTM1130 can manoeuvre on confined building sites. Air-operated disc brakes, pioneered by Liebherr in mobile cranes, ensure that the crane operates safely and economically.

This crane can lift a maximum load of 130 tonnes, and has a working radius of 60 metres.

The Liebherr LTM1130 was added to the fleet in January 2013.

Variable Supporting Base

The LTM1130 has been fitted with Liebherr’s Variable Supporting Base. This system calculates the maximum lifting envelope based on the actual positions of the outriggers and the amount of on-board ballast.

This flexible use of out-riggers makes the LTM1130 more versatile; the crane has a larger working radius in restrictive environments where out-riggers can not be fully extended.

This also improves safety during lifting operations; the crane operator knows exactly how much weight can be lifted in any given circumstance.


Download this file (liebherr_LTM1130.pdf)Liebherr LTM1130 spec sheet28/09/2016