Southern Cranes provides a wide range of versatile transport solutions. We have vehicles capable of delivering any access machine to your site. We can carry all types of heavy plant and machinery on specialised low loaders and flat-bed lorries. Loading and unloading of heavy plant and machinery is easy using one of the wide range of cranes available for hire. Lorries with on-board lorry loaders (HIABs) are also available.

This large fleet of vehicles ensures Southern Cranes & Access has the transport solution for any requirement you may have. If there is something you need transported, do not hesitate to give us a call; you can be sure we can move it for you.

Low loaders

We have low loaders capable of carrying a large and extremely heavy loads. Using our cranes, any load can easily be placed on the trailer ready for transport. No matter what you need to move, Southern Cranes has the equipment to transport it.

Lorry loaders

Our lorry loaders are 'state of the art', incredibly versatile, and capable of carrying large and heavy loads. We have lorry loaders capable of lifting up to 63 tonnes in weight. The loader can be used to load all manner of goods on to the lorry bed, especially useful for heavy machinery such as electrical transformers. If you need to move vehicles and other self-propelled machinery, there is a ramp at the rear of the lorry bed.

  • Max. length: 18m
  • Max. payload: 80t
Download this file (lowload.pdf)Low loader27/09/2012
  • Lifting capacity: 7.7t
  • Payload: 12.0t
Download this file (lorryload_12T.pdf)12 tonne lorry loader10/12/2012
  • Lifting capacity: 63t
  • Payload: 10t
Download this file (lorry_63MT.pdf)Scania 63MT lorry loader10/12/2012